About us - in short

Since the early 1980s, NOBILAB has been conducting research in the fields of microelectronics, applied physics, nanotechnology, medical entomology and information technology, with the goal of developing complex devices and systems that prevent female mosquitoes from stinging human or warm-blooded animals.

Kurt Stoll

Chairman of the board / Head of Research & Development

Ruven Stoll

CEO / Head of IT

Rebecca Stoll

CFO / Head of Human Resources

We rely on many years of experience for our IT solutions.

The scope of work ranges from the efficient support of IT departments to the holistic planning, installation and support of complete infrastructures. In addition, the company relies on the best professional development and consistent integration. This dynamic know-how is the basis for this.

In the design of any IT architecture, long-term requirements and variable development scenarios of the respective customer are taken into consideration right from the start. This is a prerequisite for long-term IT systems to be strategically developed and not costly to replace.

Through this forward-looking planning, NOBILAB GmbH underlines the interest in the long-term cooperation with its customers.
The strong customer orientation is also reflected in the daily business in the always reliable accessibility. Customer inquiries are handled quickly and solutions are provided in an uncomplicated manner.