Nopixgo® Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband

Hightech Prevention targeting on protecting from mosquito bites

The nopixgo® is a complex, intelligent high-tech solution that is inspired by nature.

It is a humane protection system, which has the ability to protect people from mosquito bites. Even outside of the tropics, mosquitoes are not only unpleasant, but also carriers of diseases or triggers for allergies. The nopixgo protects from biting mosquitoes and presents itself as a discreet and fashionable piece of jewellery on the wrist at the same time. With the nopixgo, new perspectives are applied in the application of nanotechnology, microelectronics and design. Excellent physical characteristics – which are distinguished by adapting and attaching to the wrist, being splash-proof and resistant to impact and vibrations – make the nopixgo into a constant and reliable protective companion under all climatic conditions.


  • Higher protection against mosquito bites than other products
  • 100% free of DEET chemicals
  • No ultrasound
  • No dangerous radiation
  • Safe for humans and animals *
  • Only 1 h charging time via micro-USB for 48 h protection
  • Skin-friendly plastic
  • splash-proof
  • Resistant to vibration and shock
  • Tested worldwide
  • Works under various climatic conditions
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • 2 years warranty
* Warm-blooded animals such as pets, horses etc.


The simulation of atmospheric discharges trigger the mosquito’s escape reflex, which prevents the mosquito from biting. No bite, no risk of infection, no annoying plague. This is an entirely new approach, without any harmful secondary effects.

Atmospheric discharges (for example tempests) generate electromagnetic fields, which can be detected in advance of the event and over a long distance. Tempests and storms represent existential threats to mosquitoes. The escape reflex takes priority over ingestion. Kurt Stoll and his team developed the high-tech nopixgo modular unit, which simulates electromagnetic impulses of an atmospheric discharge and transmits them to the closer environment.
This electromagnetic field, which is recognized as an allure in the mosquito’s sensillum, creates a safe zone of approximately 2 meters around the user of the device. Mosquitoes approaching the safe zone immediately recognize the field as a threat, initiate their natural escape reflex, and in the end do not bite. This is how the nopixgo modular unit – implanted in the nopixgo bracelet– protects people from mosquito bites.

Technical data

Dimensions and weight

Weight: 15g
Dimensions: 32mm x 22.6mm x 9.3mm

Operating system


Protection zone

approx. 2 metres Ø

LED displays

LED “flashes white” protection is active, LED “flashes red” battery capacity low, LED “lights up blue” charging process running


Splash-proof micro-USB charging socket

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C (ambient)

Battery and power supply

Functional life: up to 3 days | Charging duration: approx. 1 hour

Integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with protection electronics
Can be charged using micro-USB via the USB connection on the computer or a mains plug




Technical plastic, adjustable size with push-button fastener

Scope of delivery

nopixgo® mosquito protection bracelet with integrated high-tech electronics
Micro-USB on USB cable


Measurements have concluded that the electrical and electromagnetic fields emitted by the nopixgo are harmless for humans and animals, whereby the European SAR norms are fallen below many times over.

SAR value of nopixgo: 0.10W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue
Maximum permitted SAR value: 2W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue

The central nervous system of the more than 3000 existing mosquito species is not sufficiently explored. Individual mosquitoes with a damaged, dis- or malfunctional central nervous system might not react or react differently to the nopixgo. Even though the long-term test series both in the laboratory and in the field have shown positive results, we can not guarantee that even equipped with a charged and functioning nopixgo device, bearers will not be bitten.

The method of the nopixgo® mosquito protection bracelet must not be confused with the technology of sonar devices, which have been offered on the market for a longer period of time and of which we have known, for years, that they are ineffective and do not offer any protection from mosquitoes! Reason: The constant buzzing of the female mosquito is used to attract the male for mating. The female mosquito itself is deaf, so that is cannot be attracted by noise, only the male. But they do not bite.

Not only in tropical regions, but worldwide mosquitoes represent an annoying plague, the primary vector of diseases, and elicitor of allergies.
The nopixgo protects from mosquito bites and simultaneously makes a modern and stylish accessory at the bearers wrist.

Swiss Made

The nopixgo was developed in Switzerland by NOBILAB Ltd. and is produced by our Swiss partners, which makes it a 100% Swiss-made product. The nopixgo is distributed by our partner, Nopixglobal AG.

nopixgo Mückenschutz, nopixgo Mueckenschutz

Nobilab Ltd. is a member of “Swiss Label”.

Resonances of Field Tests

nopixgo® Field Tests

January 31st 2016, Australia (2 weeks)

“I sat on our porch yesterday between midnight and 5 am. Mosquitoes were present, but did not bite me, since I was wearing my NOPIXgo device. My partner was there during the evening hours not wearing a NOPIXgo device and got bitten several times. Wearing the NOPIXgo later, she was not bitten any more.” By W.G.

January 31st 2016, Australia (2 weeks)

``Ten days in the tropical forest in different regions (Tableland, Eachlake, Port Douglas, Kurunda) covering a territory of 100-150 kilometers (North, West, South). Result: No matter how many mosquitoes – NOT A SINGLE BITE!!!`` By F.L.

January 27th 2016, Costa Rica (4 weeks)

``Travelling through Costa Rica (Limon, Siquirres, Guapiles and Tortuguero National Park, where mosquitoes are known to transmit Dengue). We were 4 people, of which 2 got frequently bitten by several mosquitoes (approximately 50 bites). One person got a few bites. Being the only person wearing a NOPIXgo device, I was spared from bites. Only got bitten by some sandhoppers.`` By I.S

October 24th 2015, Marsa Alam/Egypt (2 weeks)

``Some hotel guests brought “anti-mosquito spray”, which only partly provided protection. A colleague used it and still got bitten several times in the evenings and during the night. I permanently used the NOPIXgo test device, carrying it at my wrist during the day and putting it next to my pillow during the night. Only one night I was molested by a mosquito, when I put the device too far away from me. When I took it closer, I had my peace. In one situation, I was not sure, whether I was bitten by a mosquito or a different insect. Result: I am positive, I would not have not gotten away without mosquito bites, if I’d not have worn the NOPIXgo test device.`` By F.L

April 30th 2015 Guinea (3 months)

“Here is my feedback: The nopix test device works impeccably. Locals have told me that rainy season is from June to August and we do not have too many mosquitoes. But still, not a bite in 3 months! Recharging works quickly and flawless. I am positive, you’ll make it!” By A.G.

December 26th 2014 Bandung/Indonesia (3 months)

“Sitting outside or inside without having been bitten or molested by mosquitoes is amazing. Even though we were not in monsoon season, this is remarkable, given the amount of mosquitoes that are around all the time. We have stopped using chemical products of mosquito protection.” By T.R.

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