The NOBILAB nopixgo project is a humanitarian mission

Malaria, Dengue, Yellow fever, and the West Nile fever are a serious threat to more than 3 billion people worldwide.

Due to climate change and global mobility this threat more and more also affects people in the so-called industrial countries, whose inhabitants can easily protect themselves with the nopixgo device, since to them buying this new technology is financially feasible. Our goal is to make the nopixgo affordable to those mostly affected by vector diseases and to afford the poorest of the poor a life in health and dignity.


The principle of mutual respect and responsibility

This is why our sales strategy follows the principle of solidarity. For every nopixgo unit sold, NOBILAB allocates a part of the benefit to be able to provide nopixgo units to be distributed for free to the poorest of the poor by our LifeCorner and our governmental and non-governmental partners. This is how every buyer becomes an ally in the struggle against vector diseases and an associate of global solidarity. The buyer does not only protect himself, but also makes a humanitarian contribution to global health and in the long term helps to eradicate social secondary effects of epidemic diseases like poverty, malnutrition and insufficient education.

LifeCorner aims to build a global net of local structures, which will distribute NOBILAB products for a locally affordable price or for free. In close cooperation with humanitarian actors such as public institutions, foundations, and other non-governmental organizations, LifeCorner strives to also bring vector disease protection by NOBILAB to people, living in the global and local periphery.

We’ll do a better job

By transferring final parts of the manufacturing process to countries most affected by vector diseases we want to make nopixgo affordable for everybody.

In this manner, we do not only contribute to protect people from vector diseases, but also generate jobs and give an impulse to the autonomous development of local chains of supply and services, which over time will strengthen local economic infrastructure and raise the standard of living.