NOBILAB Multimedia Center (nmc)
Information through competence

In order to be successful in our mission, we need to raise awareness and earn the attention of a broad public. This is why the NOBILAB Multimedia Center is in charge of installing and organizing a global network between partners, sellers, distributors, and consumers of NOBILAB products, of which you, a buyer and user of NOBILAB products, will be an integral part. Applying multimedia technology the NOBILAB Multimedia Center functions as a hub between distribution, service support, information, marketing, and public relations. Providing clarifying guidance regarding the functioning, application, and handling of NOBILAB products is the core responsibility of the NOBILAB Multimedia Center.
Thus, the NOBILAB Multimedia Center is a centre of competence and service and your point of contact for questions on products, processes, service and distribution.
The NMC offers consulting regarding NOBILAB products, provides information about distribution and service structures, organizes public events and the network between research facilities and Life Corners.

The NMC:

  • develops methods and processes of distribution
  • customer acquisition and retention (marketing, media, market investigation)
  • strategies to increase the surplus value
  • installs platforms for customer services
  • raises awareness through campaigns on vector diseases and protection
  • coordinates contacts between scientific, public and economic partners
  • presents NOBILAB products
  • manages the network of knowledge and expertise
  • conducts staff training and organizational development
  • organizes and informs about structures of service and distribution
  • informs about the work of the (upcoming) Kurt-Stoll-Foundation
  • organizes educational events
  • provides a platform for scientific exchange
  • organizes external communication and public relations