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Hightech instead of chemistry

SFor 2000 years, human beings struggle with Malaria. Climate change and increasing global mobility foster the spread of the disease. Despite massive investment, pharmaceutical and chemical approaches to stem vector diseases have proven to be insufficient. Plasmodia, pathogen of malaria, and transmitting mosquitoes have developed resistances against chemotherapeutics and insecticides, and also mosquito nets can only provide limited protection.

This inspired Swiss researcher and inventor Kurt Stoll not to approach the problem from the perspective of a biologist or medic, but to take a different angle, the one of a physician. His foundational research led to an entirely new approach.


to rather understand and take advantage of the mosquito’s behaviour instead of fighting it with ecologically harmful chemicals or using vaccines and accept secondary effects.

Not being bitten is the best solution.

Based on his foundational research, Kurt Stoll and his team have developed nopixgo,which prevents the transmission and infection of diseases by mosquito bite on a biophysical level between human beings, mosquitoes and nature. This does not only prevent from the vector-transmitted infection of Malaria, Dengue and the West Nile fever, but also from other known and unknown diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, since it prevents the mosquito bite altogether. It has been a long way for Kurt Stoll and his team, which has been doing this work for 30 years without external funding or investment.

Intelligent high-tech instead of chemistry

Stoll’s approach offers an entirely new and different solution to protect people against vector diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Not only is his strategy much more economic, but also more sustainable to global health. No secondary effects, no resistances, no environmental load. This will go down in the history of countering epidemic vector diseases. Learning from nature, as opposed to financially backed-up projects aiming to counter epidemic vector diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, proved to be the right way for Kurt Stoll.